Is projection tv better than lcd or plasma?

Answer No. Projection TV's use the 3 primary colors, red, green and blue, projected into a mirror then back onto a screen to make the images you see. LCD's, or liquid crystal displays, use liquid to form ... Read More »

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Plasma or projection

I am guessing that "Large" means "55"in. to "65"in. screen size or there abouts, and "Good Deal"means "Low Price". If that is the case and space is not a priority, go Projection. The best ones are"... Read More »

Difference Between Plasma LCD & Projection TV?

Digital televisions come in two primary iterations: flat panel and rear projection. Of the flat panel variety, LCD and plasma are the two main players. With rear projection, DLP, or digital light... Read More »

HDTV: What's best in 50 inch. Plasma, LCD or Rear Projection?

Plasma for moviesLCD for gamesRear Projection if you have money to replace bulbs every year

What is better front projection or rear projection TV?