Is pressure treated wood ok for a play ground?

Answer Pressure-treated wood is not safe for playgrounds because it is chemically treated with chromated copper arsenate, an insecticide that is part pure arsenic. According to the Centers for Disease Con... Read More »

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Is pressure-treated wood the only wood that can be used for decks?

Decks may be built using different kinds of woods, including pine, cedar and redwood. Pressure-treated lumber lasts the longest for decks without maintenance, but deck lumber does not have to be pr... Read More »

Should pressure treated wood be pressure washed?

On One Hand: It Is Best Not ToDue to the chemical nature of pressure-treated wood, it is best not to wash treated wood with a pressure washer. This is due to the fact the pressure washer will force... Read More »

Is pressure treated wood...?

Look at the label on the wood!It will be listed as "Suitable for ground contact" or "Not suitable for ground contact" or "Above Ground".Unless listed for Ground Contact, it should touch neither gra... Read More »

How do I preserve pressure treated wood?

Preapplication Drying TimeWait at least one week or up to two months before applying preservative to pressure-treated wood that isn't labeled "kiln-dried after treatment" or KDAT to allow the wood ... Read More »