Is preschool the most important learning experience in a child's life?

Answer It is important, but so is the fetal period, the socialization with the family before school, kindergarten, etc...

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How important is preschool in regaurds to your childs over all education?

Preschool is very important. In psych studies it has been shown that children in preschool start off school with both academic and social advantages. Check and see if your local school district has... Read More »

What Variables Are Most Important in the Life Cycle of a Star?

Stars begin in the same way. They are "born" in nebulae, or clouds of dust and gas. The gas is mostly hydrogen. This often occurs in the arms of spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way galaxy. When ... Read More »

Mums would u feel ok with a guy working at ur childs preschool?

It is fantastic to have postive male role models in a pre school. The children relate really well and you will find the mums love you!! You wil have to have CRB check so do not worry about trust is... Read More »

What is most important in a learning environment for pre-schoolers Whats helpful and what is not?

Most important from what I've observed is lots of stuff to explore - textures (i.e. sand table, shaving cream), colors (art supplies), science (nature things, water&oil bottle, little science gadge... Read More »