Is pregnancy considered a preexisting condition if you move from a group insurance plan with a Mexican insurer to an American small business group insurance plan?

Answer Answer CA AB 1672 aka Insurance Code 10700 et seq- see the term ELSEWHERE below (r) "Creditable coverage" means: (1) Any individual or group policy, contract, or program, that is written or ad... Read More »

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Is pregnancy a pre existing condition when enrolling in a group insurance plan?

Answer (applies to the United States only) NO! If you are having any trouble with group insurance and a pregnancy not being covered, contact your insurance commissioner's office IMMEDIATELY!Here's ... Read More »

If you are switching from one group health insurance to another group and have a pre-existing condition how long a time between is considered to be a gap in insurance?

If you are informed you need a follow-up medical test shortly after starting on a new insurance plan can the insurance company claim you have a preexisting condition?

Answer Yes, putting prejudice aside, facts are facts. If there is medical documentation from the past showing a condition, that is considered "pre-existing"

Can a new employment health insurance plan give less coverage than the previous one for a preexisting condition?

Answer The new plan must give you credit for your time on the prior plan.