Is FTA legal in Canada?

Answer Free To Air, known as FTA, is legal in Canada. FTA is a form of satellite system that gives users the ability to watch certain programs on their television. Users will not be able to watch a subscr... Read More »

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Is Limewire legal in canada?

Downloading files from Limewire is legal in Canada as long as you are not breaking any copyright laws. Files can be shared and used between users, but cannot be reproduced for sale by another perso... Read More »

Are batons legal in Canada?

According to part three of the Canadian Legal Information Institute's document on regulations relating to weapons, a Kiyoga Baton or Steel Cobra is illegal in the country. The Kiyoga Baton, Steel C... Read More »

Is gay adoption legal in Canada?

Gay couples living in Canada might be able to adopt, depending on what province or territory they are living in. Some provinces have legalized same-sex adoption, including British Columbia, Ontario... Read More »

Are abortions legal in Canada?

As of 2010, Canada does not have any laws prohibiting abortion, according to the National Abortion Federation. However, since 1988, conservatives in Parliament have made numerous attempts to try to... Read More »