Do anyone know why my smoke detector goes off and yet there is no smoke nor fire in the house?

Answer It does it just to tick you off! It probably likes to do it the most around 3AM. Am I right? All joking aside...The most common cause of nuisance alarms on home smoke detectors is dust. I would... Read More »

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What is more unhealthy, tobacco smoke or incense smoke?

Incense is toxic on the first try, unlike tobacco, which can take years to cause any major side effects.Incense, known as k2, spice, or synthetic weed, is fatally toxic to your system and can perma... Read More »

How do I go about telling my parents I smoke and smoke weed?

Just walk up to them and say:" Mom, Dad, I have made the decision to harm my body. I, despite knowing that it will most likely lead to my slow and painful death, have decided that I have grown up... Read More »

Does cigarette smoke activate a smoke detector?

Contrary to popular belief, a smoke detector is not normally activated by cigarette smoke unless it is highly concentrated; the smoke usually has to come from many smokers simultaneously or be blow... Read More »

Do you smoke If so, do you smoke more than two cigarettes a day?

do i smoke yes yes and yes but so is driving petrol smoking cars choking up the atmosphere polluting the world (i don't drive)but do not get a choice about all you drivers out there no so keep off... Read More »