What are depressant drugs?

Answer Depressants, also known as downers, are legal or illegal drugs that people often use to reduce anxiety, stress and sleeping problems. Although many depressants can be obtained through a prescriptio... Read More »

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Do I need an anti depressant?

Dear Nicole,Your doctor's advice may not have been the best but her decision not to prescribe anti-depressants for you was a very good one. At your age anti-depressants can cause deeper depression ... Read More »

Is smoking a depressant?

On One Hand: It's A StimulantNicotine is the drug that gives cigarettes their addictive properties. Unlike certain other drugs--such as alcohol or opiates--which depress the function of the nervous... Read More »

Is Marijuana a depressant?

Alcohol is a depressant, but caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy are stimulants. Marijuana is not really classified as either because it has a mix of effects. Depressant does not mean... Read More »

If alcohol is a depressant?

You're not drinking enough. Keep on going until you rech the stage when you start complaing about the girl who left you when you were 6 for the boy who could fart the theme tune to swap shop and th... Read More »