Can I use a computer monitor as a TV and a PC Monitor and play my Xbox and Computer on it?


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TV Monitor and Computer Monitor, Which is better for PC gaming as well as Xbox?

TV for gaming WAS a big no no but TV came a long way since then. I think it's more of a personal choice now. Some people don't like to see 24" resolution (1900x1200) on a 40" screen because it's ki... Read More »

Is it possible to connect an Xbox to a PC monitor?

Microsoft does not have an official VGA adapter for the Xbox, but you can connect your Xbox to a VGA monitor using a third-party VGA adapter. Keep in mind, though, that the Xbox will not support th... Read More »

How to Play the Xbox on a PC Monitor?

Xbox is a video game console that is typically connected to a television to be played. You can also connect it to a PC monitor and play without a television. This allows players to sit at a desk an... Read More »

How to Play XBox 360 on a Laptop Monitor?

XBox 360s really are a form of function. They can do so many things and can also be plugged into computers and run through those! Incredible!