Is popping corn a physical change?

Answer According to Anne J. McNeil, who is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, corn does go through a physical change during popping. It does not, however, go through a chemical change.Source:Cornell Center... Read More »

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Is popping corn a chemical or physical change?

Corn undergoes a physical, not chemical, change when it is heated enough to produce popcorn. When the kernal becomes super heated, it literally turns inside out. The explosion creates popcorn as we... Read More »

How is popping corn grown?

A variety of grass related to sweet corn, popcorn was grown, popped and consumed as a confection by Native Americans for generations, European colonists quickly adopted popcorn as well. Present day... Read More »

The Physical Structure of a Corn Plant?

Botanists categorize plants in a variety of ways. One of the ways is by the number of so-called seed leaves the plant has when it's a seedling. Seed leaves are different from true leaves that devel... Read More »

Is popping popcorn a chemical change?

Popping popcorn creates a physical, rather than a chemical, change, according to Cornell University. The phenomenon occurs when water inside the kernel expands because of heat, popping the outer sh... Read More »