Is popcorn still a vegetable?

Answer While corn is a starchy vegetable, popcorn shows up on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Pyramid as a whole grain. It is high in fiber and can be a healthy snack (as long as the salt and b... Read More »

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Is Microwave Popcorn a good vegetable?

Strewwth! What fancy horse's douvres you serve! When Aunty Beryl comes around, my Gracey makes little boys with tomato sauce. You know cocktail frankfurts! Aunty Gracey loves those lil boys dipped... Read More »

Can popcorn be used as a mulch in vegetable and flower gardens?

Answer No it cannot. Popcorn cannot hold in moisture or keep weeds from growing since it does not stay long enough on the ground. Therefore, popcorn makes a very poor mulching material. Popcorn co... Read More »

Are courgettes considered a vegetable?

Answer commonly yes, botanicly no-its a fruit

Are french fries considered a vegetable?

The chemical change that occurs in a potato when it is cut that small and fried in oil at a high temperature makes it completely not a vegetable. It gets bumped from the veggie category on the foo... Read More »