Is pollen haploid or diploid?

Answer A flower contains male and female sex organs. The female haploid cell acts as the egg and a pollen grain contains at least one haploid sperm nucleus. If pollen from a flower fertilizes its own egg ... Read More »

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Is a plant seed a diploid or a haploid?

In angiosperms, the flower develops male pollen and female ovules, which like most genetic material, is created in the haploid state. During fertilization, the male and female are joined to form an... Read More »

Does the parent cell contain the diploid number or haploid number of chromosomes?

Parent cells, also known as sex cells, which are the sperm or the egg that contribute to the creation of the offspring, contain a haploid number of chromosomes. Because the offspring receives two s... Read More »

Can mitosis occur in a haploid cell?

Mitosis does occur in haploid cells. The two resulting cells are also haploid, meaning they have only one set of chromosomes instead of two. Sperm and egg cells in mammals, for example, are haploid... Read More »

Is a plant seed a diploid?

All plant seeds exist under a process called alternation of generations. A single plant seed exists as a diploid, but in order to reproduce it must create genetic material. Examples of this are pol... Read More »