Is polartec fleece warm enough for cold weather?

Answer On One Hand: Excellent for Reasonable ConditionsPolartec fleece is an excellent option for casual indoor and outdoor situations in which the temperature is above freezing and the weather is mild. I... Read More »

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Is Polartec fleece?

Polartec is a polyester, water-repellent fabric known by the generic name polar fleece. Natural fleece comes from the hair of domestic sheep and long-haired goats, and is not synthetic. Therefore, ... Read More »

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather?

Sick of freezing to death?Cold weather can be great. It can strike at any time of year, however, and turn a pleasant warm period into a shock of cold and a need to find ways to keep warm. Indeed, c... Read More »

How to Keep an Engine Block Warm in Cold Weather?

Cars have a harder time starting in cold weather. Contemporary vehicles crowd the engine compartment with accessories, and shield the engine with skid plates. The protection does provide a degree o... Read More »

How to Stay Warm Tent Camping in Cold Weather?

Tent camping is the ultimate in freedom. With a car and a tent, you can sleep just about anywhere. A flimsy cave made of nylon is far from luxury accommodations--especially when the mercury dips an... Read More »