Is plywood recyclable?

Answer Plywood is created by gluing poor quality wood to superior quality wood at a right angle. The result is a strong product commonly used in wood paneling, furniture and flooring. While plywood cannot... Read More »

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How does bamboo plywood compare with ordinary plywood?

I work at Dixie Plywood in orlando florida. We are a pretty well known lumber supplier and my boss knows waay way too much about differnt types of wood and the benefits of each. We can special ord... Read More »

Is foamcore recyclable?

Foamcore, which is also sometimes written as foam core, is not recyclable. Foamcore is also sometimes called gator board or coraplast. It is a material often used for display boards.References:Bell... Read More »

Are used tampons recyclable?

You can send them to my "vicatin" pill popping troll honey.

Are cd cases recyclable?

According to, CD cases can be recycled. accepts all CD cases, discs and other materials including paper booklets and any cardboard. According to CDRecyclingCente... Read More »