Is plum a fruit or a berry?

Answer Berries are fruit.

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Is a dry plum a fruit?

Answer A plum is a fruit. A dried plum is, therefore, also a fruit. It is also often referred to as a prune.yes a plum is a fruit!

What does the plum look like in fruit ninja?

Its not exactly purple... Somewhat it is dark red in color. May resemble apple but smaller, and when it is sliced, it splashes orangish red juice unlike apple. Its rare though... You might be kee... Read More »

When do Japanese plum trees fruit?

Japanese plum trees, also called Satsuma plum trees, produce dark red plums, sometimes called blood plums, which are preferred for jams and jellies. It flowers during middle to late spring. Plum pr... Read More »

Will Stanley plum trees produce fruit in zone 7?

The Stanley plum tree will produce fruit in zone 7. The tree is hardiest in zones 4 through 10. The Stanley plum tree will produce two to five bushels of plums.References:Henry Field's Seed & Nurse... Read More »