Is plastic vacuum packing creating more waste?

Answer On One Hand: Plastic Does Not BiodegradePlastic vacuum packing is used to hold materials together and is not part of the consumer product. This plastic is not essential, and it is not biodegradable... Read More »

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What similarities do vacuum packing bags and vacuum canning jars have?

How to Preserve Food by Vacuum Packing?

Vacuum packing is a clean, safe and long-lasting method of preserving food. Vacuum-packed food stays fresh up to five times longer than frozen food, prevents freezer burn, and keeps the texture of ... Read More »

Tips for Packing Plastic Storage Totes?

Plastic storage totes can be useful in organizing your home. However, if not properly packed, these organization-lover's dreams can prove a nightmare. To ensure that your totes help, not hinder, yo... Read More »

Packing Clothes in Plastic to Prevent Wrinkling?

Wrinkles are caused when clothes sit on top of each other and press in on the small folds in the material. This can be avoided by wrapping your clothes in plastic and then placing them in a plastic... Read More »