Trying to find out if I should buy a plasma tv or a lcd tvI have no idea and need some help on this matter.?

Answer PLASMA consume lot of power, radiate heats more on screen, problem with use in high altitude, heavy to hang,carry or move, more parts and complex inside. LCD very fragile screen. Picture quality..... Read More »

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Why is TV plasma the most common phase of matter in the universe?

Television plasma is not the most common phase of matter in the universe. It is merely a superior means of showing high definition television.

What state of matter is silly putty?

The three states of matter taught in science class are solid, liquid, and gas. Silly Putty is a substance that is not so easy to classify since it exhibits properties of both a solid and a liquid. ... Read More »

How to Learn About the Solid State of Matter?

Solid StateThis article gives an overview about the types of solids and their chemcal properties as well as their physical properties.

Difference Between Phase & State of Matter?

Introductory courses in physical science often begin with a definition of matter and a description of its different forms. These forms are commonly referred to as the "states" or "phases" of matter... Read More »