How long is pink eye in Seniors contagious?

Answer Has it been treated? If yes, 24-48 hours and it should be ok. If not, it still is contagious and needs treatment!

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How long does pink eye stay contagious?

Pink is most commonly a virus. Viruses are always contagious. They will be contagious until the body can fight all of them off.

If a person dies of a contagious disease is corpse contagious?

Bud, the answer is sometimes yes. It depends both on the nature of of the contagious bug and the amount of time and how much drying has occurred. All contagious organisms begin to die when the in... Read More »

Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

I'm a kinda dark black person, should I wear light pink makeup or hot pink?

Well black black skin should be hot pink, and more of a lighter skin should go with light pink. Sounds like its gonna look good.