Is pineapple good for arthritis?

Answer On One Hand: Pineapples Contain Healing PropertiesAccording to Health, pineapples contain a substance called bromelain. The bromelain is what actually helps with the symptoms of arthrit... Read More »

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Is pineapple good for your diet?

On One Hand: Pineapple is NutritiousPineapple not only tastes great, but also provides a great deal of nutritional benefits. A single 1-cup serving of pineapple chunks contains 9 percent of the re... Read More »

Is ice good for arthritis?

On One Hand: Icing Out Arthritis PainAccording to WebMD, cold therapy treatment can help to draw arthritis pain out of the joints. By using an ice pack, it is possible to reduce swelling in the joi... Read More »

Is Guarana Good for Arthritis?

On One Hand: Guarana Said to Treat ArthritisGuarana is a berry that grows in Venezuela and northern Brazil. The berries contain seeds that when ground up contain high concentrations of caffeine. A... Read More »

Is animal fat good for arthritis?

On One Hand: Good Animal FatMeats with a higher omega-3 fatty acid content have an anti-inflammatory effect. They can sometimes calm the pain and stiffness of arthritis by reducing inflammation. Th... Read More »