Is pine a hard wood?

Answer Hardwood comes from angiospermous (flowering) trees. Softwood is timber from coniferous trees, a category that includes pines. Though classified as softwoods, some pine subspecies--including Dougla... Read More »

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Pine Wood Crafts?

Pine wood is an extremely lightweight and affordable material that is used in a multitude of crafting projects. Pine wood is also widely available and comes in a variety of finishes and thicknesses... Read More »

Advantages of Pine Wood Tables?

Although there are more than 100 species of pine, pine wood tends to lend a distinctive look to furniture. A durable, stylish and inexpensive soft wood pine can be an ideal choice for dining and c... Read More »

How to Bring the Wood Grain Out in Pine?

Pine can be a bland, colorless wood with little or no grain patterns. It is a softwood and lacks deep pores that readily absorb stain. However, pine can be manipulated with wood filler to bring out... Read More »

Properties of Cedar & Pine Wood?

Pine and cedar are two popular types of wood. Both are used for a variety of purposes such as furniture, cabinetry, carpentry and boat/ship building. Pine is often used for its strength and inexpen... Read More »