Is pine a hard wood?

Answer Hardwood comes from angiospermous (flowering) trees. Softwood is timber from coniferous trees, a category that includes pines. Though classified as softwoods, some pine subspecies--including Dougla... Read More »

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How much does pine wood weigh?

The density of pine varies significantly depending on the variety and the actual piece. values between 0,34 and 1,02 can be found from various sources. A board 2 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 5 meters l... Read More »

Pine Wood Crafts?

Pine wood is an extremely lightweight and affordable material that is used in a multitude of crafting projects. Pine wood is also widely available and comes in a variety of finishes and thicknesses... Read More »

How to Bring the Wood Grain Out in Pine?

Pine can be a bland, colorless wood with little or no grain patterns. It is a softwood and lacks deep pores that readily absorb stain. However, pine can be manipulated with wood filler to bring out... Read More »

Should I Burn Pine in My Wood Heater?

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