Is pig foot an igredient in the candy skittles?

Answer pigs foot and ear of snake..SCWID

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Who made Skittles candy?

First produced in 1979, the Skittles candy maker is Wrigley. The largest candy company in the world, Mars, Inc., purchased Wrigley in 2008 and operates the company as a subsidiary. The company make... Read More »

Who named the candy Skittles& why?

Skittles, originally a European candy, first came to America in 1974. Skittles, a candy loosely based on Mars Company's M&Ms, is believed to be named after the English game Skittles, which is a law... Read More »

What year was Skittles candy founded?

A British company first made Skittles in 1974. Mars, Inc. has produced the candy in America since 1984. Mars has released new varieties in recent years, including Skittles bubble gum in 2004 and a ... Read More »

What's the best tasting candy...skittles, m&m's, snickers, mr goodbar, or hersheys kissables?