Is phytoplankton a plant?

Answer Phytoplankton is a plant. Though often single-celled, phytoplankton still performs photosynthesis, a process common to all plants that turns carbon dioxide and other minerals into useful carbohydra... Read More »

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What do phytoplankton eat?

NASA describes phytoplankton as "plant-like organism" that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The average lifespan of a Phytoplankton is one or two days.What Phytoplankton EatPhytoplankton cre... Read More »

What is the scientific name for phytoplankton?

The phytoplankton group encompasses a number of micro-organisms, including diatoms and dinoflagellates, which live in the ocean. As there are many species of phytoplankton, there are many scientifi... Read More »

Is phytoplankton a producer?

Phytoplankton, or algae, are producers; they use photosynthesis to create sugars from carbon dioxide and water. Energy is transferred up the food chain when phytoplankton are eaten by other organis... Read More »

In what kingdom is phytoplankton?

Although most phytoplankton belong in the Protista kingdom, some fall within the Monera kingdom. Phytoplankton in the Protista kingdom are unicellular, eukaryotic algae that can make their own food... Read More »