Is photoshop the best computer program for digital background photography?

Answer On One Hand: Photoshop is the Industry StandardAdobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital photography software, and most professional graphic designers using the program. Photoshop outper... Read More »

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How do you record a TV program to a Digital Video Camera, or a computer directly?

Get a TV tuner capture card.Any of these will do...…Avoid ATI brand. Too many drivers and software. Too many problems with ATI.

Is there any other program like photoshop?

get the full version for free at sure for free and no trial thing.. attach with keygen and serial number.. go get them.. i cant live with photoshop and illustrator.. lol

Im looking for a program where i can photoshop pictures.?

A lot of answers, but mostly Point Gamers wanting 2-points. LOL Do NOT use MS Paint. It is not a very good quality graphics editor. Check out the following options. I may have included some of the ... Read More »

I've removed a program(via add/remove): if now restore computer to prior date, will program be re-added?

The restore point only saves the state of the machine. It does not save applications or specific documents. ... once it's gone, it's gone. (unless you use some serious whiz-bang tools to recover th... Read More »