Is photography allowed in Islam?

Answer shia yes it's allowed in itself but if it attached to some Haram things, it is not allowed.

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Is sperm swallowing allowed by Islam?

I don't think there is an express ban on it in the Koran so it is allowed, ------------------------------------------------- Some say No. It is filthy.Others say it's okay.Sorry.

Is vehicle insurance allowed in islam?

Vehicle or auto insurance has been generally accepted by Islamic scholars. In many situations---such as in the U.S.---Muslims are required to have it by law. Therefore, counsel is given to gain the... Read More »

In Islam are the parents allowed to froce the child?

no ofcourse they arent.islam is against childlabor and harassing children and women.

Are parents allowed to froce a child in Islam?

YES, but this is not known as force in islam. E.g. when a king asks his servant to obey his command and get him some water he is not forcing him however is commanding him instead. Islam is not in r... Read More »