Is photocopying your hand safe?

Answer Yes. there is no radiation or anything from photocopying devices. it is just light.

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Is it safe to scan your own hand I want to try but I'm not sure if it's safe to put in the scanner.?

totally safe dude.....I did it b4 for an avatar pic on a Forum....Here is the Link…

Will slamming your hand in a car door dream your hand?

Not necessarily. You would really have to slam the door hard and even then idk how hard That would need to be. Fingers would break more easily than your hand which has so much more muscle surroundi... Read More »

Are hand dryers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Dryers Increase BacteriaAccording to a study by the University of Westminster, using hand dryers increases the bacteria on your hands by 254% and on the pads of your fingers by 19... Read More »

Are hand sanitizers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Sanitizers Kill GermsHand sanitizers--particularly alcohol-based sanitizers--are effective in killing germs. Hand sanitizers can be carried in any pocket or purse, making them ext... Read More »