Is photocopying your hand safe?

Answer Yes. there is no radiation or anything from photocopying devices. it is just light.

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Is it safe to scan your own hand I want to try but I'm not sure if it's safe to put in the scanner.?

totally safe dude.....I did it b4 for an avatar pic on a Forum....Here is the Link…

Are hand dryers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Dryers Increase BacteriaAccording to a study by the University of Westminster, using hand dryers increases the bacteria on your hands by 254% and on the pads of your fingers by 19... Read More »

Are hand sanitizers safe?

On One Hand: Hand Sanitizers Kill GermsHand sanitizers--particularly alcohol-based sanitizers--are effective in killing germs. Hand sanitizers can be carried in any pocket or purse, making them ext... Read More »

Is riding a Harley Davidson with one hand Safe?

I believe it would depend on the amount of experience that you have riding. ;)