Is phone use dangerous while driving?

Answer On One Hand: Cell Phone Driving is DangerousDrivers who talk on cell phones while operating the vehicle get distracted by their conversation and take their focus off the road. As a result, people w... Read More »

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Is driving tired too dangerous?

driving very tired is about the same (attention and performance wise) as driving drunk, so yes it's very dangerous.

Are platform shoes dangerous while driving?

I have driven many times in platforms..and I have to say..that it makes feeling where the pedals are very hard. I usually take mine off while driving...

Is it really that dangerous driving while talking on the mobile?

Your on the right track - anything that distracts the driver from giving their duty 100% of their attention is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. Cell phone usage is just one of the worst... Read More »

Which of the following bad driving habits would u feel is the overall most dangerous on our roads?

All of these situations have one thing in common. They are related to the driver, either a decision or behavior or judgment. Most of the infractions listed have directly resulted in collisions, inj... Read More »