Is pet insurance worth the cost?

Answer You DON'T need to buy pet insurance if you get a pet bunny, You can if you want to though.

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How much does 1500000 dollars worth of liability insurance cost?

As with any type of insurance, there is no easy answer for "how much does X coverage cost?" Because insurance companies use such a diverse set of factors to rate policies there is no one way to kno... Read More »

Is there a low cost hospitalization insurance you can get while on state disability insurance?

AnswerYou may be able to get a hospital indemnity plan that pays a fixed amount in the event you are hospitalized up to a specified number of days per year. Check with your local health insuurance ... Read More »

About how much will basic insurance cost for a 30 year old male once the new Insurance system is in place?

It is hard to say. I believe that a lot of it depends upon the number of people in ones state who cannot afford insurance will cause those who do work to have to kick more into the pool to support... Read More »

Is a hybrid worth the cost?

On One Hand: Hybrids Have a Higher Purchase PriceHybrid cars' up-front costs are higher than conventional cars. Hybrids can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000 more than their gas-powered counterpa... Read More »