Is pet insurance necessary when buying a dog?

Answer Yes , they do ~ See related link below to their website .

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If you have no insurance and are buying a new car how do you buy insurance without knowing what car you're buying?

Answer It should be possible to set up a new policy at the same time you buy the car. You may have a day delay in being able to take the car home from the dealer. Be very careful about dealer sel... Read More »

Tips for Buying Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is usually a policy purchased by a company so that the insurance can be offered to the company's employees. If you are considering purchasing group health insurance as an emp... Read More »

When should a person typically consider buying life insurance?

when they have an "insureable interest" ie a dependant child spouse , parent or other OR debts that would not be covered upon death.typically required for a family situation$$ for final expenses$$ ... Read More »

How long do you have to switch insurance after buying another car in Florida?