Is pepper spray legal in australia for self defense?

Answer Pepper spray's active ingredient is capsicum oil, an inflammatory agent that renders a person incapable of attacking because they cannot breathe or see. Possession of pepper spray is legal in Weste... Read More »

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Is pepper spray legal for self-defense in Mexico?

According to, Mexican police can consider pepper spray a weapon. While technically legal to possess, it can be a legal hassle. Jeremy Duda writes, "knives and even pepper spray can l... Read More »

Is pepper spray an effective form of self-defense?

On One Hand: Non-lethal and PowerfulAlthough non-lethal, pepper spray can swell an attacker's throat and make him gag, according to the University of California Police. It also forces the eyes to t... Read More »

Good Pepper Spray / Self Defense tool?

yes, I recommend that YOU go to google and look up all of your choices.why ask here?

Should I carry a pepper spray, tazer, and pocket knife for self defense?

Only pepper spray. Use of a pocket knife or tazer could get you arrested or at the very least, sued for violent offence, especially if all they did was talk to you.I know they can be intimidating, ... Read More »