Is pepper spray legal in Chicago?

Answer It is legal to carry pepper spray in Chicago, though it is restricted to people who are at least 18 years old. This restriction is covered in the Illinois code Section 24-1, subsection 3.Source:Ill... Read More »

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Is pepper spray illegal in Chicago?

Pepper spray is not illegal in Chicago. However, its use is restricted. According to Peacemaker Pepper Spray, pepper spray and other noxious gases and liquids may not be used in enclosed rooms, unl... Read More »

Is pepper spray legal in MA?

Pepper spray is legal in Massachusetts, but some restrictions apply. Pepper spray cannot be sent through the mail, and citizens must have a Firearms Identification Card to legally carry pepper spra... Read More »

Is pepper spray legal in Georgia?

Pepper spray is legal to own and carry in Georgia. Pepper spray is a self defense product designed to be carried in a bag or key chain where it is easily accessible. Use pepper spray only in extrem... Read More »

Is pepper spray legal in Florida?

According to Section 790.001 of Florida law, it is legal to use self-defense chemical sprays, such as pepper spray. The self-defense spray must contain no more than 2 oz. of product, must be carrie... Read More »