Is penicillin made with mold?

Answer No

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I made a cake, but it won't come out of the mold properly! What should I do!!!?

Is clindamycin a penicillin?

No, clindamycin is not a type of penicillin medication. Typically, you will see penicillin medications as having a suffix of "cillin" in the name of the medication. Clindamycin is an alternative an... Read More »

Can Penicillin cause a rash?

Yes if you have a reaction to it.

Can you take penicillin if pregnant?

%REPLIES%AnswerNO NO you should only take acetemenaphin ( Tylenol) when you are pregnant.√ā¬†AnswerTaking ibuprofen is not recommended if Tylenol can effictively do the job. But you can take it in th... Read More »