Is pen ink toxic to cats?

Answer On One Hand: Consider ToxicityPen ink has the potential to make your cat sick. However, ink poisoning is not life-threatening to your cat. Toxic materials in large dosages can lead to great discomf... Read More »

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Are Carnations Toxic to Cats?

Carnations are colorful flowers that beautify homes and gardens, but cat owners should think before placing them around their homes. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wa... Read More »

Non-Toxic Flowers for Cats?

Plants can be very toxic to cats and cause reactions ranging from foaming at the mouth to vomiting and coma. Any plant that resembles grass will likely be considered food to a cat. You can spray pl... Read More »

Is amaryllis toxic to cats?

Amaryllis, a popular houseplant that produces bright flowers, is toxic to cats when ingested. Signs of amaryllis poisoning in your cat include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drooling, abdomi... Read More »

Non-Toxic Flea Treatments for Cats?

Warm weather brings outbreaks of fleas. Your cat then brings fleas into your home and yard. It is important to protect your cat against fleas to prevent the fleas from becoming a problem. While the... Read More »