Is pectin bad for you?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not Bad For YouPectin is a common thickening agent used in jams and jellies. It is a naturally occurring fiber that comes from the peels of an apple, along with many other fruits.... Read More »

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How to Add Pectin?

Pectin is an all-natural thickener usually derived from citrus fruits and apples. It is most widely known for causing jellies and jams to set properly, but pectin is also used to cause candies to ... Read More »

What is pectin used for?

Pectin is a natural gelling agent found in ripe fruit, and is a key ingredient in making jams and jellies. Many fruits used in preserves (e.g. blackberries) contain enough natural pectin for the ja... Read More »

What is pectin made from?

Pectin, a water-soluble carbohydrate, is found naturally in apples, berries and some fruits. It is often used in the making of jellies and jams because it acts as a thickening agent when heated wit... Read More »

Do you have to use pectin for fig preserves?

Pectin, a naturally occurring substance in fruit, is used in the process of making jams and jellies to aid thickening and gelling. Certain fruits are naturally higher in pectin than others. Figs ... Read More »