Is peat moss a good soil amendment?

Answer On One Hand: Peat Moss BenefitsPeat moss improves drainage in heavy soils by allowing more air to enter; meanwhile, it helps light, sandy soils retain more water due to its ability to absorb as muc... Read More »

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How do I add peat moss to soil?

Distribute a thin layer of peat moss evenly on the surface of the soil. The amount of peat moss used depends on the depth of your soil or garden. If you are preparing only the top 4 inches of soil,... Read More »

How to Add Peat Moss to Clay Soil?

Peat moss, or sphagnum, commonly found in peat bogs, has a high capacity for retaining air and water. Clay soil benefits from the addition of peat moss as a soil conditioner. Peat moss helps retain... Read More »

What is the ratio of peat moss to top soil for a flower bed?

In new flower beds, peat moss should be incorporated in the ratio of one part peat moss to three parts top soil. For a 6-inch bed, 2 inches are thoroughly incorporated prior to planting.References:... Read More »

Is Peat Moss a Good Mulch?

Peat moss is a common mulch type used for its ability to hold in moisture and provide an inhospitable environment for fungal diseases, according to the Mother Earth News website. Furthermore, peat ... Read More »