Is peanut a pea that looks like a nut or a nut that tastes like a pea?

Answer Fruit and plants or other quickly rotting food.

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Is there a similar chocolate that tastes like the cadbury mini eggs that are found only for easter?

Yes there is. You ever heard of Eggies? It's produced by Hershey and is also sold at Easter. The Cadbury mini-eggs and Hershey's Eggies look AND taste alike, but there are *very* miniscule differen... Read More »

What's the stuff that looks like a grain of salt that comes out of my hair?

Dandruff?Like the guy before me said, they are dead skin cells. One way to avoid it is to not use extremely hot water when showering. :P

What's that cereal called that looks like little golden pieces of toast?

What is something that tastes like sushi that I can eat to satisfy a sushi craving?