Is paying income taxes voluntary?

Answer No, according to the Internal Revenue Service, the payment of income taxes is not voluntary. In fact, section one of the Internal Revenue Code specifically levies a tax on the income of individuals... Read More »

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Are income taxes voluntary?

Income taxes are voluntary only insofar as citizens have the right to fill out their own tax returns, rather than having the government assign taxes without citizens' input. Any person whose income... Read More »

What if you stop paying income taxes?

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will A) Start repossessing your items in order to pay for your debts or B) Hunt you down and jail you after so long without paying your taxes.

What is the age you stop paying taxes on retirement income?

Dream on. You do not stop paying taxes until you are dead. == ans ==Income tax has no start and stop ages, or differences based on profession making it, sexual orientation, etc. It is all based on ... Read More »

How to Avoid Paying Income Taxes Legally?

A number of scams promote tax free havens and loopholes, but what most people don't know is that there are a number of legal ways to avoid paying income taxes. The most important thing to remember ... Read More »