Is paraffin wax toxic?

Answer Yes, paraffin wax is toxic, though its level of toxicity is low enough that fumes from burning paraffin wax are generally harmless unless one is exposed to them frequently and in large amounts.Sour... Read More »

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Are paraffin candles toxic?

Burning paraffin candles can release harmful toxins, similar to those in cigarettes, into the air. Benzene, a known human carcinogen, is one such toxin. Paraffin candles can also damage walls, furn... Read More »

Is paraffin wax organic?

Chemists classify paraffin wax as technically a natural substance because it is derived from crude oil, which is simply ancient broken down organic matter. Because it is refined and processed and ... Read More »

Types of Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin wax is a tasteless, odorless, white or colorless, hard wax that is obtained from petroleum. Paraffin wax has a wide range of uses and plays a vital role in everything from heavy industria... Read More »

Paraffin Treatments?

Paraffin treatments are beneficial for dry areas of the body, such as the hands, elbows and feet. The heat from a paraffin treatment also relieves joint aches and pains any time of the year. You ma... Read More »