What makes "Palestine" so different from any other Middle Eastern country?

Answer True, they're not "so different" from other Middle Eastern nations, and that's because they're true Middle Easterners with real roots in the land they live on, not some 20th Century immigrants from... Read More »

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Partitioning of Palestine?

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from Palestine in 1948 left the United Nations to unsuccessfully propose a two-state partition in the country. The consequent creation of the independent Jewish sta... Read More »

Is Jerusalem in Israel or Palestine?

The city of Jerusalem, Israel's largest city and the center of that country's government, is entirely within the state of Israel (as of May 2010). This border has shifted repeatedly in the last 50 ... Read More »

Who wrote the Palestine national anthem?

The Palestinian national anthem is a song called "The Anthem of the Palestinian Revolution." The lyrics were written by Said Al Muzayin, and the musical score was written by Ali Ismael.Source:Pales... Read More »

Is Hamas the elected government of Palestine?

In 2006 Hamas (an Arabic acronym meaning "Zeal") won the majority of Palestinian Authority legislative seats in an election. Thereafter, it engaged in violent clashes with other Palestinian faction... Read More »