Is pain normal after an extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth?

Answer It's a brutal process, so you should be sore for a while. You have to be mindful that you don't throw a clot and get dry sockets.If the pain is worse today than on say Day 2, it might be worth a c... Read More »

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Is it normal to have an infected impacted wisdom tooth pulled without any antibiotics prescribed before or after the extraction?

Answer It can be done without antibiotics before (had all four of mine pulled without them, and two were infected) but they should give you something to take afterwards to treat the infection. If n... Read More »

Pain on the 5th day after wisdom tooth extraction?

Go to the emergency room and tell them about it. Tell them you ran out of Vicodin and u are still in a lot of pain. They will give u a script for more or more of something stronger. If they don't t... Read More »

Is itching normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes! It is just a part of the healing process. It is annoying, but that means your body is doing it's job. You will know when the pain you feel is something more serious. If it gets to an unbearabl... Read More »

Is some slight bleeding normal after wisdom tooth extraction?

No it is not normal.i work in the texas dental resources(owns all dental doctors in tx)and this is not normal.i always suggest dentals about crest sensitive teeth is normal for blood ... Read More »