Is pain in the chest normal when pregnant?

Answer AnswerHi,Yes it could indeed be heartburn,indegestion or trapped wind (burp) if in doubt though always seek medical advise.Above is the former person's answer, however, I was just in the hospital w... Read More »

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Is lower back pain normal when pregnant?

Answer Yes it is so don't worry about it. Even during labor husbands will usually rub their wives/girlfriend's backs to ease the pain. CongratulationsMarcy

Is it normal to have a pain at the waist not abdomen when pregnant?

Answer yes, it is a sign and is normal for you to have pain in the lower waist,particularly on the lower left side. I had the same problem, and when I went to see my OB/Gyn I was 4 weeks pregnant.S... Read More »

Chest pain normal?

The importance has everything to do with your age.

Is it normal to have pain in both sides of your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant?

AnswerPain on either side of your lower abdomen is quite common in pregnancy. The ligaments are stretching and preparing for both carrying a baby and for delivery, as well your uterus is stretching... Read More »