Is paba harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Allergic Reactions and OverdosesPara-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) has been implicated in allergic reactions to sunscreens containing PABA as an ingredient. It may also prevent sulfa antibi... Read More »

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What is paba made of?

According to, paba is an acronym for para-aminobenzoic acid and is found in grains and animal foods. Often taken as a nutritional supplement, paba is found in small quantities in mult... Read More »

Why Are Some Suntan Lotions Paba-Free?

Para-amino benzoic acid, or PABA, is an ingredient often found in sunscreen or suntan lotion. PABA is used by sunscreen manufacturers because it absorbs some UV rays and therefore provides UV ray ... Read More »

How harmful is tamoxifen?

For women suffering from or at risk for developing breast cancer, tamoxifen provides the benefit of reducing estrogen's effect upon the body, killing or preventing the growth of cancerous cells. In... Read More »

Why are silverfish harmful?

Silverfish are small silver or grey colored insects that are up to an inch in length. They have two antennae, six legs, and and three long feelers towards the end of the body.LocationSilverfish typ... Read More »