Is oxygen gas flammable?

Answer Scientists classify chemical reactions in which something burns as combustion reactions. Combustion reactions require three components: fuel, oxidant and heat. Oxygen acts as an oxidant, not a fuel... Read More »

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Is oxygen more flammable the gasoline?

Oxygen itself is not flammable at all. Oxygen is what is needed for flammable materials such as gasoline to burn.

Is liquid oxygen flammable?

Liquid oxygen is not flammable, but it will help flammable objects burn more readily. Liquid oxygen is typically stored in an insulated pressure tank in an area with adequate ventilation and away f... Read More »

How many moles of oxygen molecules are in 32 grams of oxygen gas?

The formula for determining the moles of a compound is grams (g) divided by molecular weight (MW), or moles = g / MW. The molecular formula of oxygen gas is Oâ‚‚, and because each oxygen atom posse... Read More »

Guide to the Safety of Oxygen & Oxygen Systems?

While oxygen systems are a crucial part of the medical world, they create a number of safety concerns if they are not used properly. Combustion and leaks are just two of the issues that can go wrong.