Is owner contractor protective liability insurance available in Hawaii?

Answer It should be available since it is a very common coverage from and freely written

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Are contractor's liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans' comp insurance?

Contractor Liability InsuranceNo, You can purchase Contractors Liability Insurance as a standalone coverage.Many companies offer Contractors Liability coverage with or without your workman's compen... Read More »

What happens if a contractor does not have general liability insurance?

The contractor may not be able to qualify for jobs, as most principals require proof of insurance as a condition of the contract; this is especially true for public sector jobs.If the contractor is... Read More »

How much is contractor's liability insurance in Texas?

It depends on many risk factors involved. Such as your annual volume, The more work you perform the more likely there is a loss will occur. What is your level of experience? Have you had previous c... Read More »

What is contractor's general liability insurance?

Contractor's general liability insurance is, essentially, "malpractice" insurance for general contractors. That is, it provides indemnity for a party who has sustained compensable injuries for the ... Read More »