Is ovulation and sore nipples sign of pregnancy or hormone imbalance?

Answer You don't ovulate if you are pregnant and if you are not pregnant ovulation is perfectly normal.

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Could thrush and a sore throat and slightly sore nipples be a sign of early pregnancy?

Some women are more prone to yeast infections during pregnancy, and sore breasts and/or nipples is a sign of pregnancy. The sore throat could be related to the thrush (yeast) - but is not a sign of... Read More »

Are sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Answer I had EXTREMELY itchy nipples with my first pregnancy, before I even knew that I was pregnant. I am ttc no. 4, and have itchiness in the left nipple - here's hoping. Good luck to the person ... Read More »

Are sore breasts and nipples always a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Not always no. It can be a sign of nipple irritation or infection.

Are sore nipples and an increase in libido a sign of pregnancy?

It can be. If you are having symptoms that are unusual for you around the time of your period, then yes, they can very well be signs of pregnancy. Common symptoms women notice when they are early i... Read More »