Is ovulation and sore nipples sign of pregnancy or hormone imbalance?

Answer You don't ovulate if you are pregnant and if you are not pregnant ovulation is perfectly normal.

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Is it PMS or a sign of pregnancy if your nipples have been sore for over a week and they don't hurt as much as they did when they first got sore but this is the longest that they've ever been sore?

Answer Its most likely PMS if your expecting your period. But do a test if your period doesnt arrive.Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected per... Read More »

Could thrush and a sore throat and slightly sore nipples be a sign of early pregnancy?

Some women are more prone to yeast infections during pregnancy, and sore breasts and/or nipples is a sign of pregnancy. The sore throat could be related to the thrush (yeast) - but is not a sign of... Read More »

What about constantly hard and mildly sore nipples rather than sore or enlarged breasts combined with a late period could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes this could be pregnancy related. Perform a HPT.

Are itchy sensitive nipples 8 days after ovulation a possible pregnancy sign along with some sleeplessness although you're tired?

Answer i think this is all the info you need!Your period stops or becomes very light. You may feel nausea or queasiness. Some women vomit. ("Morning sickness" can happen any time of day -- it may h... Read More »