Is our tap water really so awful that we have to buy bottled water?

Answer In my fair city, the water is ultra, I don't live in India either..It is just VERY BAD water...also, on a trip to the morgue, I spoke with one of our city's coroners, and asked him if... Read More »

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Why bottled water have expiration date if its only water?

I asked that question to the Cocoa Cola salesmen (for the store I work for), he said that they put an expiration on water for two reasons. 1. Because the plastic in the bottle will breakdown. And ... Read More »

Can bottled water really expire?

Most of the time produced water comes stamped with expiration dates. On most Poland Spring bottles, there are tiny, white letters advising consumers to drink up within two years. Most Aquafina bott... Read More »

Should we really pay for bottled water?

If you want bottled water, then, yes, you should pay for it. It costs money to bottle it....... If you don't want to pay for it, then filter your own tap water. No one is forcing you to buy bott... Read More »

Does bottled water really expire?

No, it is a weird FDA regulation that requires an expiration date to be placed on it. That water will be fine 10 years from now.