Is our school IT guy putting spyware on OUR PERSONAL COMPUTERS legal?

Answer Talk to a lawyer. NO, it is not legal to install remote control software without the owner's permission. There is a severe security breach where there is a possibility of identity theft........I ... Read More »

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How do computers get spyware?

"Spyware is the catchy name for malicious software that hides on your computer and sends information about you, your PC or your Web-surfing habits to someone else on the Internet," according to Wat... Read More »

Do Mac computers get spyware?

Apple computers can get spyware. Users of Apple computers suffer from a false sense of security because the assumption is that OS X is bulletproof. While official numbers are not available, spyware... Read More »

How do I detect spyware in computers?

Windows DefenderRun the Windows Defender program that comes preinstalled on versions of Windows Vista and 7. Or, download and install the program from the Microsoft Download Center if you are using... Read More »

Is spyware legal?

Spyware is a type of malicious computer program or malware that is typically installed mistakenly or inadvertently by a user. The legality of spyware is subject to debate, but in many cases spyware... Read More »