Is ot okay to eat chinese chicken balls from 2 days ago?

Answer I'm a chef and our rule is 3 days kept after cooking (obviously allowing certain things) but with Chinese take away you don't know if they've been re heated after being cooked a couple of days befo... Read More »

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Do Chinese exercise balls relieve stress?

On One Hand: Jungluo Says SoChinese exercise balls, also known as Chinese health balls, are weighted pairs of decorated orbs containing internal bell mechanisms. They are rotated across the surface... Read More »

Chinese "Worry balls", are they supposed to not chime if you are using them properly and are calm?

I believe the chime is a feature so if it chimes then it's not necessarily doing it wrong. Look at the techniques here…

What is that chinese chicken called?

Sweet and sour chicken. That red neon glaze is sweet and sour sauce. There are tons of recipes online.This sentence is a dead giveaway - "The sauce could be the same one you dip spring rolls into..... Read More »

What type of Chinese chicken is this?

It is sweet and sour chicken, often they have balls, and I really enjoy eating those with the sauce on them. Messy but tastes great.