Is ot okay to eat chinese chicken balls from 2 days ago?

Answer I'm a chef and our rule is 3 days kept after cooking (obviously allowing certain things) but with Chinese take away you don't know if they've been re heated after being cooked a couple of days befo... Read More »

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How many calories in dry chicken chow mein from the chinese?

Not sure how many calories, but its about the lowest fat thing you can have from the chinese!! I remember it well from my WW days - it was all I would eat from there!

Is it okay to go on a brisk walk while my leg muscles are still sore from a workout two days ago?

absolutly!! it'll get easier the more u do it

Is it okay to use clarithromycin for 20 days even though doctor prescribed it for 10 days?

No, you should go see your doctor again. If the symptoms never went away, it might be that whatever is causing them is not responding to the chlarithromycin. If you're not positive about what is it... Read More »

Do Chinese exercise balls relieve stress?

On One Hand: Jungluo Says SoChinese exercise balls, also known as Chinese health balls, are weighted pairs of decorated orbs containing internal bell mechanisms. They are rotated across the surface... Read More »