Is orchid a flowering plant?

Answer Shortly, sweetly & very simply yes.

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How do i plant the flowering plant called heather?

Planting HeatherRemove rocks and weeds from the garden. Cover the area with one inch of aged manure or peat moss and mix it into the soil with a tiller or shovel. Dig a hole large enough to accommo... Read More »

How to Choose an Orchid Plant?

When choosing an orchid plant, most people only consider the type of flower, how often they want it to flower, and the size of the plant itself. However, choosing an orchid plant is not merely a qu... Read More »

How do I plant orchid bulbs?

Planting Orchid BulbsChoose a location that receives full sun for planting orchid bulbs. The soil should drain well and be rich in humus. The bulbs should be spaced apart 6 inches and planted 2 inc... Read More »

How to Plant an Orchid Tree?

An orchid tree offers a beautiful display of color for the first six months of the year, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners and landscapers. There are numerous varieties of orchid trees... Read More »