Is orchid a complete flower?

Answer No. Scientists had a debate about it around 24 years ago and came to the conclusion that it wasn't.

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Complete Orchid Care?

Orchids are among the loveliest, most delicate of tropical flora, but the idea of growing them intimidates many who still believe they require a conservatory and great great skill.It's possible, ho... Read More »

Why won't my orchid flower?

Orchids do have to be allowed cooler temps in order for them to bloom. If you are going into winter this is the exact time to get it started. I live in the US and I keep all of my Orchids outside u... Read More »

Why did my orchid flower die?

You can find answer on talking with Nurseries expert

Have you ever been to Orchid flower garden ?

My sister's mother in law began a Orchid Society in Florida, USA. She had imported orchids from all over the world and I, like you, felt the wonderment of her collection. Honestly, her orchids we... Read More »