Is oral sex safe after regular dental cleaning?

Answer Yes!Unless you have open wounds or bleeding gums, naturally. If this bothers you, simply rinse afterwards. You are not in risk, really.

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Virginal smelling, man not working us usual after we have oral sex without cleaning teeth after food, any idea?

I'm going to try to translate into English, so correct me if I'm wrong.virginal = vagina?So, your vagina smells like garlic, and you think it's because he goes down on you after eating and doesn't ... Read More »

Oral thrush after oral sex, antibiotics HIV?

While the first answerer was not completely right (there is a chance of getting HIV from oral sex) it is highly unlikely. If you do have oral thrush, you should not be giving oral sex. Oral thrus... Read More »

What is the dental insurance code for oral images?

If you are someone who travels alot then yes travel insurance would be beneficial to you whereas if you don't travel much it would properly not be needed.

Can you use a regular oral thermometer to measure water temperature?

Typically, oral thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the human body. Water around the same temperature can be measured with an oral thermometer, but extreme hot or cold water tempera... Read More »