Is oolong tea the same as wu-long tea?

Answer The names oolong and wu-long refer to the same kind of tea. Different spellings exist because "wu-long" is a Chinese word that has been phonetically transcribed to the Roman alphabet to approximate... Read More »

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Are oolong tea& wu long tea the same?

Oolong tea and wu long tea are the same. Oolong is typically a name used in the western world, while wu long is the traditional Chinese name. The tea is a cross between green and black tea and is ... Read More »

How to Buy Oolong Tea (Wu Long Tea) Online?

Oolong tea, also spelled "Wu long tea", is a type of Chinese tea that is partially oxidized, making it somewhere between black and green tea in color and characteristics. Oolong tea is delicious, b... Read More »

Where can i buy pre-brewed wu-long/oolong tea?

You can try buying it from amazon that's where I purchased mine and it works like a charm. I don't know if your using it for slimming down your tummy but thats what I did and it took inches off wit... Read More »

What is the difference between oolong tea&wu long tea?

You may not have heard of wu-long tea, but the word "oolong" should be familiar. In fact, it's the same tea. People in China often use the term "wu-long," but in the West it's more commonly known a... Read More »